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Combined shipments

Do not send your watches by post anymore!

Almost 100% of HBJOs in the Paris region (including some chain stores) use this service, which removes most mailings.

The grouped shipments service allows you to make a shipment at the lowest cost, without special packaging and with the slightest risk. This sending service to brands is aimed at everyone and offers more than a hundred watch brands, including the most common found at jeweler-watch retailers.

By bringing your watch to the center to send it to the brand's official after-sales service, you will only pay €3.50, compared with the price of a secure shipment by post.

For companies, the price of the shipment is decreasing according to the number of watches given per month and can therefore go down to €1.75 per shipment.

No more packages to do, no more queues at the post office, and only 3.50 euros to send!

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