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Who are we ?

Adrien Badaracchi

Right in the center of the Marais, a historic watchmaking and jewelery district, the Cadm is the only place in Paris offering a whole range of services adapted to your watchmaking and jewelery needs.


This company has become, over the years, an essential platform for all players in the profession.

Activities: repair of watches of all brands, creation and repair of jewellery, engraving of jewellery, threading of pearl necklaces, yellow and pink gilding, rhodium plating, silver plating, etc.

The Cadm is about 5000 after-sales service treated each month, it's more than 600 professional customers throughout France, it's 17 years of experience, it's a know-how that brings together the after-sales service from entry level to to luxury goods. 

Please note, the CADM is not a jewelry store, there is nothing for sale. It is a technical repair center reserved for watchmaking and jewelery professionals. Individuals are accepted under certain conditions. We have a diamond-tip and laser machine engraving service as well as a battery and sealing service for your watches on site, which can be done immediately.

Why is this place unique in Paris?
In the heart of the Marais, Cadm is a center which:
Watchmaking Jewelery Jewelery Goldsmithing
  • brings together all services for HBJOs (jewelry and watch repair, threading, hand engraving, machine engraving, heraldry, etc.), and whose customers are watch retailers and jewelers throughout France.

  • officially represents brands:


Watches: Michel Herbelin, Baume and Mercier

Jewelry :  Lucas Lucor

Beads: Piglet

Custom work: Cas Bernard

  • and also watchmaking workshops in the provinces or near the suburbs:  


Degron watchmaking workshop (Heurequal 54)


Workshop Vallet

  • offers grouped shipments to brands (Seiko, Festina, Swatch group, Fossil, Certus, TWC, etc.), cheaper than the post office, no need to pack the watch, more secure.

  • as well as a shopping service which allows retailers in Province and Overseas to be able to do their Marais,

  • and individuals in Paris to be able to have their watch or jewelry repaired, without leaving their home (€10 per trip).

Liste des marques de montres

You see, it's a place like no other, a continuation of the historic Marais of watchmaking and jewellery, one can say unmissable, where you will get the best advice on this field of activity. Do not hesitate to come and see us, we are professionals at your service, whatever your watch or jewel, we will always have a solution, it is our job!

Adrien Badaracchi

your humble servant

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