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Pearl Dream Workshop

On site, the CADM offers you a choice of jewelery made from cultured pearls specially selected for you: bracelet, necklace, ring.


We also carry out for you, the rethreading of your pearl necklaces and your bracelets. Lead time approximately one week.

Our expertise

Our prices include:

  • pearl cleaning, the pearls are carefully cleaned to give them a new shine. The hard stones are passed through sweet almond oil, the ivory balls and the fine stones are immersed in special baths.

  • filing of cutting beads,

  • reclassification, in the case of worn pearls in the middle of the necklace, we put them on each side of the clasp.

  • The standard collar  

        = with knots €26.40

        = without knot €20.90

  • The bracelet

        = with knots €15.40

        = without knot €13.20

        = on elastic €13.20

  • The fancy necklace €18.70

  • The necklace falls  

        = with knots €28.60

  • The jumper  

        = with knots €37.40

        = without knot €33.00

  • The pearl necklace


  • Weaving


Our prices may vary depending on the size of the pearls.  

All prices on this site are public prices.

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