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Several hundred watch jewelery retailers throughout France have trusted us since 2004. It is our reference, your assurance that we work with the best watchmakers in order to offer you an honest service, work carried out in all the rules of the industry. 'art. 


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Liste des marques de montres
  • Revision or complete rehab

  • Battery and sealing

  • Restoration of dial to original condition

  • Case or bracelet polishing

  • Watch glass replacement

  • Engraving on caseback

  • Sending after-sales service to brands

  • Bracelet

A new concept

The Cadm is the only center to offer a watchmaking service offering the services of several independent watchmakers who have been contractual partners for several years.

By always working with the same watchmaker, you miss out on a lot of things. If he tells you that the repair is not possible, you say too bad. If it's too expensive, you don't do the repair. If he can't meet your deadline, you wait until he can.  

With our system you will get the best prices, the best lead times and you will be surprised to see that very few watches are really not repairable.  

The best watchmaker for your watch

Your watch is sent to the watchmaker who seems to us to be the most suitable for your category of watch. It is not the same watchmaker who will repair your Festina watch, your Rolex or your diver's watch. Each watchmaker can have his specialty.

Repair is almost always possible

If a watchmaker cannot do the job, we offer it to another watchmaker. Each watchmaker buys from different manufacturers or has different parts in stock. Not all watchmakers have access to all spare parts. Everyone has their tricks. Unfortunately, there are always cases where there are no more parts, especially for special bracelets.  

The best price

If the quote is too expensive, we have another watchmaker draw up a quote. Prices can vary enormously from one watchmaker to another depending on the repair. One may be more expensive in one watch category and less on another watch category. Prices may vary from one watchmaker to another depending on several criteria. A watchmaker can have access to a part at a very interesting price while another will pay twice as much for the same part.  

We also work with provincial watchmakers who sometimes, for certain works, are less expensive.

A special relationship with all the brands

In some cases, only the brand can do the repair, for parts reasons or simply because it will be cheaper than going through a watchmaker. You can entrust us with your under-warranty and out-of-warranty watches. We will always find a solution that best suits your needs.

It is for this reason that by entrusting your repair to our center, you entrust it to the only repair center that operates in this way. It's a new concept that has proven itself. Push the door of our reception center or send us your watch by post, and rest easy, we take care of the rest, it has been our job for 16 years.

As soon as working conditions resume in a less chaotic manner, we will post examples of watches we have repaired with prices. this will give you an idea of our work. Regarding deadlines, we do not seek to be the fastest because that does not make sense. Either it's a small repair and it can go very quickly. In the case of a revision, depending on the brand of the watch, the work to be done, this can take time, you must be aware of this from the start. We are not the Midas of watches, although I have absolutely nothing against this company, quite the contrary.

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