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HBJO Racing

courses bijouterie horlogerie

For individuals


Residents of Paris and the inner suburbs, for various reasons (illness, disability, difficulty getting around, not enough time) preventing you from getting around, our courier service can send you a courier to collect the watch, the alarm clock , the pendulum or the jewel to bring it to the center, then to bring it back to you, once the repair has been carried out.

For professionals

For jeweler and watch retailers in Paris and the inner suburbs

If you need your after-sales service ready in the Marais and no one to pick it up, call us, we will charge for the Marais trip to your Paris intramural shop, €10.00 excluding VAT. For the small crown, on estimate.

For provincial jeweler and watch retailers

You regularly send after-sales service to brands throughout France, after-sales service to your various repairers, some of which are in Paris. You can send everything to Cadm in a single shipment, and we take care of sending it back to the brands by our carriers or shopping in the Marais to your repairers with our couriers on site. By doing so, you will make very significant savings on the cost of shipments.

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